A new addition to the family {Newborn Photographer}

The joy a family experiences when a new family member arrives is unexplainable.  It is a crazy time for the parents with a lot going on, adapting to the new schedule and all while getting to know their new little one.  It is so much easier for families with newborns to have their photographer come to their home to photograph these special moments instead of packing up and heading to a studio!  Lets face it, your home is a lot more of a comfortable place to have your photo session.

When photographing newborns, I love to involve the whole family.  At this portrait session, Nonna was coming over for a visit but she did not think she was going to be in the photos.  I’m so glad that we involved her in the shoot because that photo of her looking at her daughter while holding her new grandson is priceless.  I can’t help but get emotional while looking at that photos.  The love she has for her daughter is so obvious in that photo.  Don’t look at it if you don’t have tissue handy!!!


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