Sunrise Engagement Photos

Sunrise {Toronto Photographer}

This past summer I tried something different; a sunrise engagement session. It was a lot of fun and had some advantages. First off, the beach was quiet. No one was there at sunrise so we had the whole beach to ourselves. It was great, especially when photographing a couple that doesn’t want to attract attention. The light was ever so beautiful, warm and soft, similar to sunset light but without the big crowds.
Oh … and no traffic on the roads!!!

The old saying holds true, the early bird does catch the worm.
I think I just might suggest an early morning photo session more often.

Engagement Photos

New Year Cards It Is! – too late for Christmas

New Year Cards It Is! – too late for Christmas

I’ve been very busy working away at getting orders ready in time for Christmas. I’m happy to report that all my clients have their greeting cards in hand and hopefully en route to their final destinations.

As for my cards … well, I hadn’t had time to photograph my children until today.  At this point the cards will be New Year card and not Christmas cards.  All I ever want for Christmas is for my children to pose nicely in front of the camera. Is that too much to ask for?!!!  Well, it’s not that easy.  Luca HATES to have his photo taken and will use ever excuse not to.  His favourite excuse; “I’m having a bad hair day, Ma!” And Francesca, well, she just wants to pose how she feels like! KIDS!!!  Luckily, Mother Nature blessed us with a snow day today here in Caledon, Ontario!  I had plenty of time to prep the kids; mentally that is and take their photos. I thought I could do it all day until they got it just right but whom was I kidding?  I was determined but slowly that determination turned into defeat!

I have finally finished designing the cover of New Year Cards but I don’t know which one to pick. Help!!!  Let me know which one you like the best. Oh, and I though you would love to see the ones I didn’t use for the cards … yes, these are my kids!


If you have found yourself in the same boat as myself and are late with having your children photographed for Christmas Cards, why not book a New Year session.


Kylie is ONE! {Caledon Baby & Child Photographer}

Kylie is a baby I have been privileged enough to watch her grow from the day her parents took her home ’til now.  She is such a happy baby!  These photos were taken in a field near her home in Caledon – what an amazing location!  Here are few of my favourites from Kylie’s First Birthday session last week:

A new addition to the family {Newborn Photographer}

The joy a family experiences when a new family member arrives is unexplainable.  It is a crazy time for the parents with a lot going on, adapting to the new schedule and all while getting to know their new little one.  It is so much easier for families with newborns to have their photographer come to their home to photograph these special moments instead of packing up and heading to a studio!  Lets face it, your home is a lot more of a comfortable place to have your photo session.

When photographing newborns, I love to involve the whole family.  At this portrait session, Nonna was coming over for a visit but she did not think she was going to be in the photos.  I’m so glad that we involved her in the shoot because that photo of her looking at her daughter while holding her new grandson is priceless.  I can’t help but get emotional while looking at that photos.  The love she has for her daughter is so obvious in that photo.  Don’t look at it if you don’t have tissue handy!!!